Fatimah’s Museum of Aseeri Woman’s Heritage

Fatimah’s Museum of Aseeri Woman’s Heritage is a house dedicated to showcasing the traditional […]

Green mountain

Jabal Dhara or Green mountain is located in the city of Abha, the capital […]

Al-Maqar Tourist Village

On the peaks of Sarawat Mountains stands Al-Maqar Palace in Al-Maqar tourist village, with […]

Rijal Almaa

The village is more than 900 years old.The village had an ideal location through […]

Al Habala Park

There are many things to do in this park, Whether via cable cars or […]

Al-Raqdi Museum

Al-Raqidi Museum is one of the museums of the Asir region in Abha, Founded […]

Abha Dam lake

The dam was constructed of concrete with a length of 350 meters (35 blocks […]

Jabal Soudah (Soudah mountains)

Soudah is the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia within the Asir mountain range, with […]

Shamasan Fort

Shamasan Fort is located in the city of Abha at the base of a […]

Asir National Park

Asir National Park is the largest of Abha’s parks, which embraces a group of […]
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