Tabah Crater

Tabah crater is an extinct crater that is considered one of the best distinctive […]

Uqdah Village

A historical tourist and agricultural village located west of the Hail region in the […]

Maqsurat Al Qanoon

Maqsurat Al Qanoon is a historical building in the village of Hail complex, the […]

Janine Mountain Cave

Mount Janine and in many times mentions a conjunction with a cave inside it […]

Aja Park

When you enter Aja Park, you are greeted by a shopping area from which […]

Aja and Salma Museum & Café

Aja and Salma Heritage Museum, One of the museums of the Hail region, Founded […]

Al Ayada Heritage Museum

The palace, museum and farm of Al Ayada Heritage Museum in Jubbah, one of […]

National Factory for Dalal

The city of Hail embraces one of the largest factories of Arab coffee Dalal […]

Wasit Palace

Visitors and tourists to Hail find archaeological and heritage sites and tourist places where […]

Hatem Al Ta’ai Palace

It separates the village of Turan and the city of Hail, fifty-five kilometers .. […]
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