Al Ula Old Town

the town is one of the sites that your trip to Alula is not […]

Jabal Ikmah

The hundreds of detailed inscriptions etched into the cliff faces and rocks of this […]


Populated since before the 1st millennium BCE, Hegra is renowned for its more than […]

Prophet’s Mosque

The Prophet’s mosque in Medina is one of the three mosques that the Prophet […]

King Fahd Park in Madina

The Central Park of Medina is located five kilometres south of the Prophet’s Mosque […]

Quba Avenue

Quba Avenue is one of the best and most local cheap markets in Medina […]


The painstaking excavation of this enormously significant hub of trade and agriculture that stood […]

The Seven Mosques

These seven mosques are located on the western side of Jabal al-Masar, at a […]

Qiblatain Mosque

The “Qiblatain Mosque” in Medina was named after the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon […]

Qubaa Mosque

When Islam entered the medina and when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah […]
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