Forest of Sakam

King Fahd Park (Forest of Sakam), It is one of the most beautiful places […]

Janabi Market

Janabi Market, It is one of the most famous and important popular markets in […]

Empty Quarter Desert “Rub’ al Khali”

The location of Najran region on the southwestern edge of the Empty Quarter desert […]

Najran Regional Museum

Najran Regional Museum allows visitors to take a walk through history, showcasing important glimpses […]

Castle Mountain Raum

It is a historical castle located on top of Mount Raum, which mediates the […]

Historic Hima Well

In Abar Hama there are some 300 different locations containing stone engravings and drawings, […]

Al-Ukhdood Archeological City

Al-Ukhdood Archeological City, previously called ( Raqmat ) , is considered one of the […]

Qasr Al-Aan

Qasr El Aan, Or Saadan Palace in the past, It is an ancient palace […]

Najran Valley Dam

The Najran Valley Dam is an arch dam on Wadi Najran about 15 km […]

The Historical Palace of the Emirate

The palace was built in 1944 by the then Governor of Najran, Prince Turki […]

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