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The site, any data or materials, or recommendations, or services or other materials published on the website, or linked thereto (“information”), the introduction of the foundation of

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Don’t guarantee MYTRIP.SA or provide any assurance as to the location and/or information.

The user will enter the site and use the information at your own choice and risk that may ensue, as set out in these terms. Will make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information. However, the user is solely responsible for evaluation and interpretation, as well as verification of the information before use or rely on. expressly announce rejection of any claims or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, on the accuracy and completeness of the information contained on this site for a particular purpose, and/ or any service or product.

Terms and conditions of detention:

It must be ensured that all flight entries in the reservation are correct, and the obligation to enter each name in the appropriate entry (field). if the names are entered incorrectly or not, the reservation may be cancelled.

Sometimes there’s a technical problem with not receiving the coupon and deducting the amount, and that’s where we need to be contacted.

Before proceeding with any further reservation to inform you of the previous detention. And the site MYTRIP.SA will not be responsible to repeat the booking it is the customer value that in the event of the cancellation terms and your policy cancellation of this reservation.

You keep. MYTRIP.SA the right to refuse any detention. could also add service charges to reservations made through the contact center.

If you are unsure of the description displayed on please contact our consultant flights in who will answer your query better.

Sometimes you may be pulling some of the facilities mentioned in the description for various reasons such as weather, maintenance or lack of demand by the guests.

If advised suppliers make significant changes to the description or withdraw any of the important facilities in the hotel and we will do our part to inform the client as soon as possible.

Some of the activities and facilities such as water sports are not available throughout the year there may be additional fees on certain facilities, for example on flights haica sponge Safari, diving, camping, tanks, and boats

In some destinations during the season of demand of the tourist (and even at other times) there is a possibility to encounter the noise of some groups, so please take that into account when choosing your destination and accommodation.

The time taken in the development of the property to the airport you remember. is approximate according to the circumstances and may take access a place to stay I have chosen a longer time.

Retain MYTRIP.SA reserves the right to cancel the booking in case there is an incorrect price due to refresh rates which results in an unrealistic value for the device. Also, in the event of repeated unpaid seizures, except where the client has been notified in advance.  Also in case of no possibility of development to the circumstances of different cases bad example or lack of the possibility to visit the selected sites will communicate with you within two working days and inform you of appropriate options, new to you and you retrieve the amount in this case complete when not suitable amendments

Amendment policy:

You may be asked to the supplier to pay a fee additional to the fees, these vary depending on the type of service that has been requested, when the request to modify the sites or history or add notes as transportation or meals and any other requests are to communicate with customer service to implement the request.

Cancellation policy:

A cancellation policy is subject to separate supplier rules and restrictions and cancellation fees imposed by the supplier.

Requests must be submitted by the customer to cancel or change the reservation through the website by logging into your account and requesting cancellation of the reservation or through customer service

For each cancellation of a reservation by the customer, Mytrip will impose a 15% cancellation fee four days or more before the trip, and the amount is deducted 100% less than four days before the trip, and the amount is non-refundable after that, and the customer has no right to claim it

In the event that reservations that are non-refundable are confirmed and the customer is not entitled to claim them except in force majeure, the approval of the return is conditional on the supplier’s approval and acceptance of the return.

If the reservation includes reservations for hotel and aviation services, then the cancellation is subject to the policies and provisions of the hotel and aviation service providers. The situation is also different in some services, as the service provider’s policy does not allow modification or refund after reservation.


Flight promotion:

Passengers can upgrade your flights, which come about through or via email or means of contact in my journey to tour and pay the difference before the date the amendment is within the terms of the articles with the availability, that’s where my journey tourism does not guarantee the upgrade, flights at the arrival of the client and in this case we will do our best to implement your request

Prices and Special Offers

Price quote and price, quotation system and have my flight tourist May up both the pricing right, the pricing is fixed depending on the material, and, if varied prices or parameters or performances of the quote or advertised price, we will lose the customer of any change (and the client decides to either complete the booking at the new price or cancel the reservation without a fee.

Any new specials posted on the site after confirmation of the booking and the payment amount they cannot be applied to this booking based on previous reservation and retain my journey tourist the right to change the prices on service accrued due to exchange rate fluctuations, changes in tax or for any other reason, without prior notice to customers and the tourist is not responsible, in any way case of any increase due to fluctuations in exchange rates, taxes or as a result of a request directly from the supplier.

We would like to note that in the case did not accept the location in the amendment or cancellation, please contact customer service on any a way to balance the various described on the site to complete the procedure

Limits of legal responsibility:

Don’t accept my journey any responsibility for any damages or losses, or damage of any kind in any way as a result of or in connection with the access or inability to access this website, nor for the use of or reliance on any information contained through this site, including but not limited to, viruses that can infect computer hardware and software or data, and to the fullest extent such liability can be excluded by law. Also don’t move my flight, responsibility for damages resulting from the use of electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from delay, or failed delivery of electronic messages, or the recognition or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or computer programs used to send e-mails and viruses.

Privacy and confidentiality:

We appreciate your interest in the site and your right to privacy is important to us. Therefore, the MYTRIP.SA is committed to protecting your privacy on this site and will take reasonable steps to ensure that the storage and transfer of your data in a secure way through (the internet) by means of the current usual techniques. This applies to all personal information automatically gathered or collected by tools that allow the site computers to communicate with the visitor during his visits to the site, however, the MYTRIP.SA does not warrant or make any guarantees that your data will be 100% safe.


Please note that we may store some help tools on your computer when visiting our web site, recording any service or making inquiries. This allows us to identify your automated account when you visit us next time. It is known that most of the surfers (of the internet) accept these tools help automatically, it is possible for the user to specify the use of these tools independently through adjusting their own browser. Note that the nature of the information that we get about the computer and may include the address of the Internet Protocol (IP), the date and time you access our website and what parts of the site visited. The purpose of collecting this information is to monitor the feasibility of the use of our website for statistical purposes and to send you information about our company to you, as well as our new products and services that suit your requirements. You may seize your browser to inform you of the information, whether it is withheld or not received. In this case, you may not be able to use all available on-site capabilities.