The local village in Dammam

The local village in Dammam This is the name of the place where you […]

Dammam Corniche

Dammam Corniche is an entertainment destination in Saudi Arabia and is undoubtedly the city’s […]

Al-Asfar Lake

Al-Asfar Lake, also known as Asfar, Alasfar and Yellow Lake. Al-Asfar is located to […]

Historical Sahoud Palace

The construction of Sahoud Palace began in 1790 and ended in 1800. It was […]

Qasr Ibrahim (Ibrahim Palace)

Qasr Ibrahim (Ibrahim Palace) is a historic fort in the north of Alqoat neighborhood, […]

AlJadidah Arts District

Feel the stir of a lively souq, where oud music spills over balconies and […]


Far from city lights, the stars above the remote desert of AlUla twinkle brightly […]

AlManshiyah Plaza

One of AlUla’s gathering places, AlManshiyah Plaza is a lively community with restaurants and […]

Maraya Hall

Maraya is an architectural wonder that has quickly reached icon status. Upon approaching this […]

Harrat Viewpoint

AlUla is blessed with numerous lookout points that offer an elevated view of the […]
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