Bir al-Camel

The stone was a very important main station because its well, which is the […]

Mount Elephant

It is a huge rock with a height of 50 meters and is characterized […]

Black Tombs

is a 21 grave designed and built in a brilliant geometric way, One of […]

Old Town Al Ula

This ancient neighborhood in the old City of La Balara or the town is […]

Al Ola Archaeological Museum

Al Ula Museum is 30 km from Madaen Salih, Contains a number of maps […]

Madaen Saleh

Considered Saleh Madaen or the city of Hajar, One of the most important archaeological […]

Masjid al-Nabi al-Sharif

The Prophet’s mosque in Medina is one of the three mosques that the Prophet […]

King Fahd Park in Madina

The Central Park of Medina is located five kilometres south of the Prophet’s Mosque […]

Qubaa Avenue

Qbaa Market is one of the best and most popular cheap markets in Medina […]

King Fahd Park Heritage District

A story of Jill who ever tells a next generation to tell the details […]
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