National Factory for Dalal

The city of Hail embraces one of the largest factories of Arab coffee Dalal in the Kingdom and the Gulf states, and was established through a self-effort, in the year 1415 AH by the citizen Saad Al-Shammari, and it has the most valuable signs of Arabic coffee of various types and engravings, along with a display of rare pieces and kits in a special exhibition of signs there are It has the oldest and most expensive pamper in the world, as the price of some types of kit reaches more than 30 thousand riyals. The manufacture of auctioneer requires four months to convert copper, which is the tool that preserves Arabic coffee. Al-Baghdadiya, Quraishiyyah, Ruslan, and Al-Hasawiya are among the many names of the auctioneer who are keen to manufacture them with distinction in their engraving and stamping, such as the Ottoman inscriptions.