Al Shareef Museum

A national museum located in Taif Governorate within a large public building measuring 5000 square meters and containing a very large collection of heritage pieces of all kinds and their functions and material, which represents the heritage of the Taif region. The attention and care of the owner of the museum was shown through the development of his wings and the coordination of the pieces by showing them by specialization and function, where he created a small market within the museum, is a group of stalls or shops and make every shop for a particular craft and added to it the tools and machines that belong to that craft, It has also allocated halls for each group, As the weapons of swords, rifles, daggers and spears in the Hall alone, As well as coffee tools in their designated place, and cooking utensils in place and farming tools. Women’s clothing and ornaments…. etc. The museum is one of the most distinctive and important museums in the kingdom, if not the largest.