Al Ward Festival in Taif

It is a festival held every year called the Festival of the rose sectarian and began from 1426 Ah, where the city of Taif includes more than 700 farms in Al Hada and Shifa areas. The festival attracts visitors every year in order to see the sectarian roses and learn how to make the different products of the various sectarian roses and buy some of its products [1]. The Taif municipality has set up a 900 m² floral carpet with 100,000 seedlings of 10 different kinds of flowers in King Faisal Park as part of its participation in the Al-Ward festival, in addition to the main nursery efforts, which supports the continuous expansion of the green surfaces in Taif. And its suburbs and the establishment of gardens and parks in addition to the improvement and cosmetic efforts underway in different locations of the province and the awareness of visitors to the methods of caring for the home gardens. The Taif Municipality Nursery produces more than 40 different types of international flowers and an annual production capacity of more than one million seedlings, More than 200 sites have been farmed throughout the city and the entrances and exits of taif with seedlings of flowers, climbers and yearbooks, The secretariat was able to overcome the barrier of 6 million square metres of green space in the light of efforts to promote vegetation and cultivate more sites with natural Nnajla, The secretariat has disposed of traditional irrigation methods with waytat and has used modern irrigation methods and networks covering nearly 300 sites.