Discover the pearl of the south, Jazan

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The price decreases when the number increases
From4,496 ﷼3,150 ﷼
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Including transportation, the mentioned meals, hospitality and a tour guide
Availability : 3 Days


  • Getting ready and go to coffee plantations

Going from Jazan to the coffee plantations in a private air-conditioned means of transport that provides all amenities

  • Enjoy the scenery

Enjoying the landscapes of coffee plantations while our local guide guides us on methods of growing, producing and refining coffee, stories of Arabic coffee and how it has become a myth of taste today

  • The experience of farmers’ participation in coffee production operations

An exciting experience involved in harvesting, drying, roasting, packaging, brewing and tasting coffee

  • Lunch

Enjoy a picnic lunch served the traditional way

  • Return to Jazan

Head to Jizan in a private, air-conditioned means of transport that provides all amenities

  • Visit the Jazan Museum

A tour around a landmark that is considered an eyewitness to an authentic civilization and history that has permeated the Jazan region over thousands of years and the development and growth it has witnessed in various fields in our time. The museum represents a beacon of radiation and an introduction to the region’s authentic heritage, ancient history, and eternal civilizations.

  • Visit Al Dossaria Castle

A tour to enjoy a blue view of the stories of war and peace. Where the ancient castle sits on the mountains

  • Visit Jazan Valley Dam Park

A tour amidst the picturesque nature in the valley park, the dam of the Jazan Valley, where the green spaces and dense trees spread on the shores of the lake of the Jazan Valley Dam, through which we enjoy the beauty of nature and see the different types of migratory birds that pass through the area, and a number of them settle in the lake of the dam and on its banks

  • Dinner & back to the hotel

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

Farasan Island

  • A tour in the Farasan Reserve

An amazing tour in the Farasan Reserve, which is one of the largest protected areas full of endangered animals, Among the most important are gazelles, goats, white-tailed ferrets, rodents, turtles, and dolphins, Coral reefs, In addition to the eagles, And gray swans, And the dark gull, And heron, And the sunset falcon, And other water, shore and migratory birds.

  • Visit Al-Qandal forest

A tour to enjoy the most wonderful natural views of the famous Al-Qandal forests in Jizan, Which is a destination for every seeker of charming beauty, as it is distinguished by its vital location on Farasan Island to be a tourist destination par excellence due to its rich natural resources. During our tour, we enjoy spending time watching the waterways in the middle of this forest, which has become a charming bay with hundreds of bird species.

  • Visit Al-Qassar Village

A fun tour between the palms and the water. Inside a village with a history of 9 thousand years in the heritage village of Al-Qassar, which is an ancient village located on Farasan Island, It includes nearly 400 houses built of stones and palm leaves. According to historians, the history of the village dates back to the Roman era. It also includes writings and drawings, some of which date back to the Himyarite era, While the village is the largest palm oasis in the Farasan Islands and is characterized by its abundance of wells

  • Visit Luqman Castle

An exploration tour of the castle and the place is a huge cave indicating that it is the ruins of an ancient castle built on a hill overlooking the southwestern coast of the island. The effects of this castle are still evident in a surprising way in how those stones were raised

  • Lunch

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • Head to Jazan
  • Visit the heritage village

Enjoy the end of the tour with an enjoyable visit to the heritage village in Jizan, where originality and heritage are mixed with the nobility of the present as it stands tall to embody real pictures of the various environments of the Jizan region and to show its heritage and civilization in the pages of history. The heritage village of Jizan symbolizes as a civilizational landmark for a period of time in the region’s ancient history linked to its prosperous present. In the village, the region’s past appears to be visible in vivid images and heritage patterns that symbolize the cultural and civilizational diversity according to the region’s environment and terrain through an integrated panoramic interface of the region’s history with its environments, culture and distinct civilization since ancient times.

  • Dinner & back to the hotel

Enjoy the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality and head to the hotel

Wadi Lajab

  • Heading to Wadi Lajab

Head to a magical place in the middle of the desert. To Wadi Lajab for its amazing beauty, It is accessed through a passage on the eastern side of Jabal al-Qahr, after 3 km, The corridor gradually widens to 30 meters, to show the valley between the two high rock peaks. And at the entrance to the valley, We will be greeted by the dense green area, with streams, small waterfalls and freshwater ponds. There are also palm trees everywhere.

  • Enjoying watching the springs and waterfalls
  • Enjoying the scenery in the valley
  • Heading to (Jabal Al Aswad) Mountain

An exploration tour of a mountain that is considered one of the tallest mountains that embrace the clouds, Which makes it an attractive place for photographers and beauty lovers, The mountain is witnessing varying rains that have contributed to preserving its greenness, and we also explore through it what the people of Montenegro are distinguished by, where their special uniforms are, Similar to the clothing of the mountain tribes in the Jazan region, And close to the old costume of the Tihama tribes

  • Standing at 1,800 meters

Hiking while enjoying the charming scenery in this mountain, where we hear the local people’s stories of ways to transform the tall mountains into agricultural terraces that are rich in types of grains, vegetables and fruits, And the aromatic plants that smelled across the mountain’s atmosphere, with their pleasant aroma.

  • Lunch

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • End of the program

Price includes

  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees
  • All Transportation
  • mentioned Meals
  • Hospitality & Snacks

Price not included

  • Personal Expenses
  • Flights Tickets
  • Accommodation