Farasan Island

Farasan Island in Jizan Farasan Islands is a group of islands located on the southern side of the Red Sea, and this archipelago belongs to the Jizan region which is located in the western side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Farasan archipelago consists of many islands that vary greatly in size, among the most famous of these islands the major Farasan, And the chiddah, the wheat, the Damask, the wedding, the Doshk, the Kira, and the Salwa Island, and these islands are famous for having a dense vegetation cover, and they have many beautiful scenery that make them a beautiful place that attracts visitors and tourists, and in detail the largest of these islands are the major knights that are Tourist and impact place Important in the region, it is also an island where a lot of archaeological sites located since the past ages, and where many of the green spaces, trees, flowers and beautiful parks.