Hatem Al Ta’ai Palace

It separates the village of Turan and the city of Hail, fifty-five kilometers .. This village is located between the banks of the valley in the depth of the northwest slope of Mount Aja .. The reputation of Turan is due to the generous Arab generous Hatem Al-Ta’i who inhabited those lands and immortalized his exploits that history still circulates .. How could he not, when the Arabs set an example, and said: “More generous than Hatem” ..

Its remains are still preserved until today, and at the entrance to the village there is a fortress whose ruins are still standing and it is said that it was a palace of Hatim .. In the center of the village there are ruins of a palace of mud and near it a small cemetery containing two graves that are excessive in length, as the length of one of them is 9.5 meters and the other 7 25 meters away, and the villagers believe that the latter is the grave of Hatem al-Ta’i and the other for his daughter, who is believed to have realized Islam ..