Heritage Crafts Center

Located in the centre of Buraydah City in the part between the mosque of custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the vegetable market. It is one of the landmarks of the beautiful city of Buraydah due to its heritage architectural style, its assets and the distinctive craftsmanship in which it is practiced. In this market, the present generation is briefed on the ancient handicraft and crafts and the city’s visitors are informed of the city’s artisanal heritage, where many varieties of these craft products are sold and purchased. At present, crafts and handicrafts, especially those associated with some popular and traditional industries, represent a kind of material gain for those who work with them because of the artistic value they represent and from the real view of a part of our heritage and our popular gene for each region of our country, and hence these trades began It takes an extraordinary position and interest from some of the bodies concerned with the preservation of heritage, and those crafts and their products also have become their pioneers and lovers and are keen to acquire them. The awareness of the importance of handicrafts and the moral and material value they bear has led many of those who possess such talents to revive these trades amid so many similar industrial alternatives and to pass them on to their children believing in the value and guarantee of these characters to the vicissitudes of the days.