Historical Village of Fayd

It is a historical city located to the southeast of the region of Hail, and is considered one of the historical archaeological places of the region as its mountains store historical inscriptions dating back to prehistoric times, as well as being a main station in the Zubaydah trail where it is located midway between Mecca and Baghdad, and was registered within the states The Abbasid Caliphate, which is rich in Islamic monuments, and has historical importance and standing. Fayd is 92 km from Hail on the highway linking Hail to Qassim, and 160 km from Qassim. Among the most important monuments of the city of Fayed, Qasr Kharash, Zubaydah ponds, the residential city, the basements, the hillside region, the palace’s faqiyyah, the giant mill of milling grains, and wells where there are approximately 45 wells, and water channels. The history of the city dates back to the early Islamic eras. It was also announced recently that the historic city of Fayd has been developed for tourism