Itinerary of Nature and Heritage (10-Day tour)

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The price decreases when the number increases
From28,496 ﷼12,843 ﷼
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Includes transportation, accommodation, meals, hospitality and a tour guide
Availability : ten days

From Jeddah, with its rich culture and history,

Passing through Al-Ula, the greatest masterpiece known in history, to Tabuk and Hail, to the heart of the capital, Riyadh

Where we go on a tour accompanied by passion, rich adventure, legends and fairy tales

About the most beautiful historical and natural sites in Saudi Arabia, and the trip begins with:


Day 1Jeddah

  • Reach out and get ready

Arrival and hotel check-in

  • Visit Al Tayebat International City

A tour through history in the Al Tayebat International City for Science and Knowledge, A landmark that embodies human civilization through different eras and tells the pioneering historical era of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes three museums: the Al Tayebat International for Human Civilizations, the Home Arts Museum, and the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum. We enjoy exploring its lands because of the national culture and historical legacy of the Saudi, Islamic and international civilization.

  • Visit Obhur Beach

Enjoying a tour on Obhur Beach between white sands, clear waters, and unique marine life with water full of life, And coral reefs with bright colors, And nature of enchanting beauty. Elements that make Obhur Coast a natural wonder among the most prominent tourist sites in Saudi.

  • Visit the waterfront

A tour to enjoy the magic of sunset and the picturesque beauty of the Red Sea, exploring the Jeddah Corniche, with its long golden sandy beaches And its picturesque passages, One of the most prominent treasures of the city and its magnificent landmarks

  • Visit Jeddah Sculpture Museum

An enjoyable tour through which we explore the first open museum for aesthetic models in the Corniche, as it is one of the largest open museums in the world and includes the most diverse collections of public art in the world, as the range of works extends from traditional Arab designs to abstract art and monuments

  • Visit Jeddah Al-Balad

We stand on the edge of the majestic Gate of Mecca, We contemplate the features of the renewal and developmental architecture of its monumental walls that extend to the Middle Ages, And through it, we enjoy exploring its majestic houses, designed with a very distinctive and beautiful structure. Where it was built using coral reefs extracted from the depths of the Red Sea, And the bright balconies of exquisite colors known as mashrabiyat.

  • Dinner
  • Head to Hotel

Day 2Jeddah - Al Ula

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Heading to Al Ula 682 km
  • Arrival and hotel check-in
  • Lunch
  • Visit AlUla Old Town

Or, as some call it, the old town we do an unforgettable tour to explore history. It dates back to the 14th century AD, it is 650 years old, They are the ruins of about 800 homes spread around a tall castle facing farms that were irrigated by springs that dried up years ago

  • Visit Hara Aweerid

An enjoyable tour of the Hara Aweerid, which is full of many lookout points that offer you wonderful views of the beautiful landscapes. Where we can enjoy watching the stony terrain of black lava

  • Visit a farm
  • Dinner & Heading to the Hotel

Enjoying the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality and Head back to the hotel for a rest

Day 3ِAl Ula

  • Breackfast

Breakfast at the hotel to get the energy needed to take a special tour to explore the charming landmarks of Al-Ula

  • Get the bus to historical sites ( Restaurants there )

Head from the hotel to the monuments

  • Visit Al-Ula Museum

We enjoy exploring the history and civilization in Al-Ula through this museum, as it contains a number of maps that illustrate the most important archaeological sites in the region. In addition to a number of drawings that represent the historical periods that the region went through, arranged in chronological order, And a number of exhibits represented by carved stone tools and stone utensils, The museum relies on displaying its collections on a number of wings such as the prehistoric wing, And the pre-Islamic period pavilion, And the Islamic period wing and the Kingdom Unification Suite, The museum includes a library that contains books specialized in history and archeology.

  • Visit the tombs of lions

Together, we will explore the tombs of lions, one of the oldest monuments in the city of Al-Ula, which consists of 21 graves designed and built in a wonderful engineering way, These graves were called the tombs of the Lions for their inscriptions, It consists of several inscriptions in the form of lions that increase the entrance to each of these graves

  • Visit Hegra (Madain Saleh)

An enjoyable tour of the Nabataeans’ stone “masterpiece”. we explore the ornate, hand-carved facades of the Nabataean cemeteries in the city of Hegra, which played a pivotal role in the prosperity of the Nabataean Empire, which remains shrouded in mystery.

  • Lunch & rest

Enjoy the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level and take a rest

  • Visit the Elephant Mountain

An enjoyable tour to see the astonishing Elephant Mountain from the heart of the golden desert sands, one of the many geological wonders of AlUla. In contrast to the ornate hand-carved facades of the Nabataean cemeteries in the neighboring city of Al-Hajar, The trunk and body of this red sand mountain were made by the forces of nature over millions of years from the factors of erosion and erosion by wind and water. The natural beauty of the structure is enhanced by the charm of its rich surroundings by a smooth sandy sea studded with amazing huge rocky outcrops. Many of them take on interesting shapes.

  • Dinner
  • Head to Hotel

Day 4 AlUla - Tabuk

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Head to Tabuk

Heading to Tabuk, 363 km away

  • Arrival & hotel check-in
  • Lunch
  • Visit Tabuk Museum

Head to Tabuk Museum and explore the history of the region, where the museum is a cultural landmark and a unique urban masterpiece.

  • Visit the Hejaz Railway

A tour to explore the Hejaz Railway, where the largest stations of the line were constructed and have been restored since then. Where we will discover locomotives and learn about the history of railways since the First World War..

  • A tour of the historical Tabuk castle

A special tour of a landmark that is a testament to the history of the region, It dates back to the year “1559”. Where the castle was rehabilitated and converted into a museum full of archaeological and historical collections through the ages

  • Visit Ain Sukkar site

Exploring Ain al-Sukkar or Ain Tabuk, which is a spring of water, It is located in the city of Tabuk and dates back to the era of the Prophet ﷺ

  • A tour of the local market

An enjoyable tour of the local markets in Tabuk near the Tabuk Citadel, where the market is one of the most prominent features of the Tabuk region

  • Head to the hotel and have dinner

Day 5 Tabuk - Hail

  • Eat breakfast and then depart from Tabuk

Starting from Tabuk to visit the distinctive landmarks in an unforgettable tour. It is about 152 km away

  • Visit The caves of Shuaib

An exploratory tour in an area of ​​archaeological civilization and rock carvings preserving the relics of a nation that lived before AD. They are tombs carved in the rocks, decorated with decorations similar to the façades of the Nabataean shrines found in Al-Hijr (Mada’in Saleh). It was an ancient oasis in which God sent his prophet “Shuaib” to his people

  • Visit The beach of Maqna

A tour of Maqna Beach, which attracts many marine activities lovers, In which we enjoy the beauty of its bays and the color gradations of its sandy formations of fine and small pebbles and the diversity of its marine environment, And The clarity and depth of its waters contain coral gardens, and around them, also we will see marine creatures with their beautiful colors.

  • Lunch

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • Visit Ain Musa “Moses’s water spring”

An enjoyable tour to explore the springs of water, or as the people of the region call it springs of Moses, where the people of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, traveled

  • Heading to Hail 657 km
  • Arrival & hotel check-in
  • Dinner and overnight

Day 6 Hail

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit the inscriptions of “Jabal Umm Sinman” Mount

A tour to the unique Jubbah site to explore its many distinctive rock art spanning its history 7000 years before the present, it contains rock carvings that distinguish important historical periods depicting camels, goats, horses, palms, and other sculptures that represent the Thamudic period in that region

  • Visit AlAyadah Museum farm

We explore the depth of history at AlAyadah Museum in Jubbah. It exhibits collections, antiques, and displays inside the museum, including painting, displaying craft products, and exhibitions of handicrafts

  • Lunch

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • Visit Hatem Al-Tai historical houses

A tour to explore the vineyards in the houses of “Hatem Al-Taie” who lived in (Aja and Salma), which is considered one of the most important cultural sites; Due to the connection of his name with the biography of Al-Tai and the Tayy tribe that lived in the place

  • Tour in Barzan old Market

A tour of the Barzan market to explore its popular position, which tells the scent of the past and the time of parents and grandparents for generations and its heritage continues to touch joy and pleasure with every moment the market in the historical area in the center of Hail lives within the social and cultural identity of a valuable narrator that everyone is proud of in our distinct cultural and architectural heritage, known since ancient times, Specifically, about (100) years ago

  • Dinner

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • Head to Hotel

Seventh DayHail - Qassim

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit A’arif fort

A tour to explore an archaeological fortress, witness to the civilization of Hail, dating back to 1840 AD.

  • Visit “Lqit bialmadi athr” historical museum

A special tour in a museum that contains unique exhibits of a specific heritage quality, Each of them brings you the history and events of eras whose evidence remains in this museum, To foretell the generations of the grandeur and splendor of the history of the region in all that it contains

  • Visit Hatem Al-Tai’s stove

Visit the fireplace of Hatem Al-Ta’i, the symbol of generosity, which was famous for staying for long periods and burning in it, until the passersby found his location, which he used to light at night to guide the guests to his home.

  • Heading to Qassim 303 km
  • Arrival and hotel check-in
  • Lunch
  • Visit Al-Qasimi heritage House

A tour of the Al Qasimi House to breathe the memories of the past, to hear his stories and secrets, and explore the archaeological and historical collections in it, representing, in turn, a remarkable era in the history of the Qassim region

  • Visit Al-Musukf old market

Explore one of the oldest markets in Najd, which represents the old architecture in Qassim, And one of the landmarks of the wonderful architectural style, which consists of a large number of shops for men and women, Squares, popular councils, folk crafts, and weekly and monthly traditional performances.

  • Visit Derety resort

A tour in Derety resort to enjoy the stunning views of the wonderful resort, which contains palm trees and fruit trees, And sitting under the palms, And local foods, And sections for handicrafts and antiques. And passing through the farm that is more than 190 years old, Carrying more than 570 palm trees over 150 years old

  • Dinner
  • Head to Hotel

day eightQassim - Riyadh

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit Alnazul Alrefy resort

A special tour to enjoy the Alnazul Alrefy resort in Onaizah, as it contains a group of modern chalets with rustic designs and all-inclusive facilities, as well as the picturesque landscape surrounding it from every side

  • Visit a birds sanctuary

A tour of a reserve containing various types of ornamental birds with their exquisite colors and wild birds, And it attracts bird lovers and collectors, old and young so that wandering around is a special pleasure.

  • Heading to Riyadh 394 km
  • Arrival and hotel check-in
  • Lunch
  • Visit the National Museum

We take a journey through history and visit the largest and most beautiful museums in the Kingdom to explore the rich history of authentic Arab culture and art.

  • Visit Al Zal Market

A fun tour in the oldest popular market in Riyadh, and it is characterized by the collection of various heritage and old collectibles

  • Visit Masmak Palace

Al-Masmak Palace is the most prominent historical palace in the capital, Riyadh, as it is linked to the history of the kingdom’s founding. For the splendor of its construction, And the museum it contains attracts thousands of tourists

  • Visit the Saudi Landmarks Park

A tour to enjoy one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Riyadh, which is characterized by the presence of a number of local and international miniature architectural models with high specifications, With the establishment of this park on a wonderful distinct idea that was taken into account in the flow of movement and that it is possible to move between these landmarks and that we can see them from all directions through pedestrian paths that have been designed in the form of curves and circles that connect all the elements of the park.

  • Dinner
  • Head to the hotel

ninth dayShaqra and Ashiqer village

  • Breakfast and head to Shaqra & Ushaiqer

Breakfast at the hotel to supply the energy needed to take the special tour to visit Shaqra and Ushaiger, which are 201 km from Riyadh

  • Visit a birds sanctuary

A tour of a reserve containing various types of ornamental birds with their exquisite colors and wild birds, And it attracts bird lovers and collectors, old and young so that wandering around is a special pleasure.

  • Visit salted reeds

A tour to explore the salts of the reed..the source of “white gold”, which is the finest table salt in Saudi Arabia

  • Visit Qasr Bin Zahem

The palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zahem, may God have mercy on him, is located next to the Qasr Mosque in Old Deira. Its history goes back more than a hundred years

  • Visit Al Salem Museum

A tour to explore the museum featuring the heritage of parents and grandparents, Which was filled with an important period in the life of the nation

  • Lunch

Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

  • Visit Ushaiqer Heritage Village

An exploration tour in the village of Ushaiqer, which will take you between its narrow heritage paths on a live heritage tour; To reveal a part of the authenticity and heritage of the village

  • Visit Hlewa Heritage Market

Of course, we will not miss the opportunity to visit the Hlewa Heritage Market, where the rich history is more than 90 years old, which is one of the most important heritage markets in Shaqra

  • Dinner & Heading to the Hotel

Enjoying the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality and Head back to the hotel for a rest

day tenRiyadh

  • Breakfast

Have breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit Wadi Namar Waterfall

The Wadi Namar waterfall is located in the south of the Riyadh region and flows into Lake Wadi Namar. It is called Wadi Namar Dam. The water of the waterfall flows from the top of the valley towards Lake Namar Dam, with a water capacity of 400 liters per second

  • Visit the view of the Kingdom Tower
  • Lunch
  • End of the program

Price includes

  • Accommodation 3 stars / 9 nights
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees
  • All Transportation
  • mentioned Meals

Price not included

  • Any personal expenses
  • Room service Fee
  • Flights Tickets