Janadriyah Festival

The National Festival of Heritage and culture «Janadriyah» is the most prominent heritage, tourism and national event in the kingdom, with the participation of large tourism and heritage events in the involvement of most of the governmental bodies, With a large number of visitors exceeding one million visitors a year.
The National Festival of Heritage and culture in Janadiriya is the first seed to regain interest in and celebrate heritage, After the Saudi society, when the festival was launched in 1405, was engaged in the fields of development, and manifestations of civilization and urbanization in all walks of life, Whether social, economic, cultural or urban. The launch of the Janadriyah festival marked the beginning of the national heritage and to mobilize attention to it; the events, initiatives and projects related to the national heritage in various regions of the kingdom.

Festival Date

From 22/5 to 25/5 guys

From 26/5 to 12/5 families