Jazan Festival

Al-Harid Festival is a tourist festival that takes place in an annual celebration in the Saudi Forsan Islands, and it is a gathering of hared fish (parrot fish).
The festival’s naming of the festival is due to a type of coral fish that in its external form resembles parrot birds and its name is in English (Parrot Fish), and the scientific name for the Hared (parrot fish) is due to the shape of the outer mouth and the diversity of colors in which this type of fish appears and the areas of sea reef ( Coral Reefs) are the areas where the pupil lives, spawns and gets fed.
What happens in the Knights annually is that the Harvest meets in large groups and in the form of huge groups, some of which may have more than 1,000 fish in one group and have huge balls that meet near the shore in a kind of collective suicide. This usually happens on one day of the year, usually at the end of March and early April of each year, and the people of the Knights have long-standing customs related to this day when the people of the island celebrate and sing songs and perform popular dances, as this day is of great importance in the Persian culture.
what is happening? Islanders hunters discover that the arrival of the Harid is approaching with a distinct smell emanating from the beach and the smell begins after the sun sets on the fifteenth day of the lunar month, which corresponds to the end of March and the beginning of April of each year.