Jeddah Country

Known locally as the grandmother of the country, located in the centre of Jeddah, dating-according to some sources-to the pre-Islamic eras, and that the turning point in its history was under the reign of Caliph al-Rashid Osman Ibn Affan, when he was taken by the port of Mecca in the year of 26th of 647 CE, the historical grandfather includes a number of Archaeological and heritage monuments and buildings, such as the monuments of the Jeddah Wall and its historic lanes: the oppressed Lane, the neighborhood of al-Sham, the Yemen Lane, and the Sea lane, as there are a number of historic mosques, most notably: Osman Ibn Affan Mosque, El Shafei mosque, Al Basha Mosque, Akash Mosque, al-Meamar mosque, al-Hanafi University In addition to the historical markets, on 21 June 2014 they were included in world heritage sites.