Okaz Festival

27 June to 13 July 2018

Today Souq Okaz is a unique tourist attraction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And a major tributary of tourism, Today the market is located in the same place as the historic Okaz market, Today many tourists are meant to watch the market as a historical landmark in the roots of the past, Still retains the scent of history, And the luster of the present, A visitor to the market finds a paradox that combines the modern technologies provided at the festival venue, With the geography of the place and its original historical value that was determined after studying the available effects and identifying the valleys and mountains according to the documents carefully studied to locate the market accurately and scientifically efficient.

The importance of the Okaz market today is that it is a unique poetry, artistic and historical forum of its kind, Intended by intellectuals and interested in the affairs of Literature and Culture, Enjoy the cultural and cognitive value offered by the market through market seminars, lectures and events, The Souk Okaz also brings to mind the glories of the Arabs and their original heritage and reviews what the Arab Diwan keepers of poetry eyes and pendants, Each festival celebrates and celebrates a poet of the commentator to confirm the heritage’s connection with the present.