Al Murabba historical palace

By order of the late King Abdulaziz Al Saud, founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Built the Palace of the square, Two kilometers from old Riyadh, In line with the development and expansion of the city at the time, Where the palace and its surroundings were founded in the form of a miniature city containing several buildings, The King moved to live in it in 1939 to be the residence of his residence with members of his family. the place of government and the conduct of the affairs of the State, A Diwan where he receives the leaders and heads of state of the world.

On your visit to the historic Murabba Palace, you will notice the distinctive design of the inner courtyard in the middle of the palace, All rooms overlook it, It was built in the way it prevailed then, To convey to us a unique architectural art. The surrounding environment has made its mark on the components of the palace, The rooms and their ceilings were covered with trunks, And decorated with palm leaves and fronds, Palace bases were created from stone, Its walls are made of mud bricks mixed with straw, They are also decorated with patterns and decorations printed on stucco. Despite the simplicity of the features of the building, its aesthetics were evident in the winding columns carrying the rooms and corridors of the palace