Qassim Dates Festival

The dates season starts mid-August/August each year, In a harvest celebration carried out by farmers and lasts 36 days, More than 45 products of various types of dates are included.
Buraydah Dates Festival receives 200 thousand tons as a result of harvesting more than eight million palms, And record a daily spike in sales number, That exceed at a peak of 25 million riyals a day, The market reaches approximately 1750 vehicles with an average cargo of 350 kg. The year 2015 deals in the sales of the clowns were about 2 billion riyals (533 million dollars).
is based on the market management eight hundred young Saudis, According to some official authorities, the market provides 3,000 jobs and small businesses in some dates-related occupations.
Diabetes is the most popular type of date in Qassim, which accounts for 85% of its production, In addition to other types such as Burhy, Ali, Saif plant and Fidelity Walrshodi.
The kingdom’s palms generally produce four hundred varieties, Such items are not favoured by the consumer and are considered surplus amounts that cause water wastage, and affect the fair price of the product.