Railway Museum

The Medina Museum of the Hijaz railway station is one of the most prominent museums that the general authority for Tourism and National Heritage has implemented its first phase at the railway station, A civilized façade of the Medina region, Which is characterized by the abundance of archaeological sites and sites of Islamic history.
The building was built to celebrate the arrival of the first train from Damascus to Medina on 22 Rajab 1326, 28 August August 1908, In 1419, the museum halls are used for archaeological and historical performances, Her sanctuary is used to set up some cultural festivals.
The museum includes the buildings of the Hijaz railway station in Medina, which has been restored, rehabilitated and transformed into the period of prehistoric and modern times, It also includes a museum of the workshop repair of locomotives at the station showing the history of the Hijaz Railway, Housed in the main terminal building, The visiting and temporary exhibition hall, Lecture hall and visual presentation, Besides the craftsmen market, The museum shop and the Popular café, And the train restaurant, which includes repairing (12) train cars as a family restaurant