Tarot Island

Tarot Island is located in Qatif province, Where this castle is stationed, Dating back more than 1500 years, Above a high hill, This hill is believed to be located beneath the temple of Queen Ishtar, It is one of the queens of the Sumerian State, where she built it after King Gilgamesh expelled her from Mesopotamia, Historians assert that the history of the construction of the citadel is likely between 1521 and 1525 by the Portuguese to protect them from the Ottoman attacks.
Consists of 4 towers, In each tower a room for observation, and its rectangular courtyard With a deep well that is believed to store the supply in the periods of siege in the past, Where the soldiers were equipped with water, Besides dates, As the soldiers take the danger signal from all regions, And by setting fire, To see her smoke day and night fire as evidence of the imminent danger, Besides the control of ships, There is also a headquarters or office of the Governor, These effects are still present today.