The boat workshop in Jizan

The boat industry in Jizan depends on the wood that grows in the southwestern coastal areas of the Kingdom and is known as the tree of the ideals. The boat industry takes about 60 days while the ship and boat industry is called (Qalafah), and the shipbuilders are called kalaq, and the major is called professor, and shipbuilding requires some tools Like wood, especially teak, coconut, pine, and steak, as well as cotton, nails, barn, and some types of fabrics for making sails. Fishing boats are made of Swedish wood and red Java wood .. But with the scarcity of these timber, the manufacturers have turned to buying wood from the inside, such as “neem, Sidra, parchment, and lame” wood, which are of special quality, even if their cost is very high, especially wood. The teak, which is imported from the Ivory Coast, and the price per square meter of it reaches 18 thousand riyals. The wooden boat uses a variety of uses, such as fishing mediums, and it is made from the woods of Al-Suwaidi, Al-Jawi, White Al-Washem, Al-Shrak, Al-Shalmani, and Al-Nabar. There are terms specific to everyone on the boat. Valleys is the captain of the boat, and the individual is the co-captain.