Yanbu Al Nakhl Village

Yanbu al Nakhl, which spans more than 2,000 years old, is One of the most important historical portals located in the western part of Saudi Arabia, and the commercial center for convoys of pilgrims and trade between sham and Mecca, The old city holds a lot of stories and historical facts recorded in the bosom of Islam.

The name “Yanbu” is derived from the springs available in that period, which according to historical novels more than 99 eyes, The palm was synonymous with Yanbu and linked to it by the contract of Modesty «water» and the palms spread in all the villages of the city extending to the parties of the Red Sea coast, It formed a milestone in the trade routes of Sham and Egypt 1400 years ago, This role grows with the spread of Islam and the advent of pilgrims through the Palm Springs. One of its most important features is a castle that was built by the soldiers of Mohammad Ali Pasha
According to historical documents, the tribes of Bani Qhi (al-Yahyioui) and some tribes attacked the soldiers of the Ottoman state in the town called the village and they joined many of the dead and wounded, and defeated the military resorted to the walls of the village and they made it on 3/5/1255 H.