Al Jarda local Market

In the past, the “Jarda Market” in the city of Buraydah was considered one of the most important main commercial markets in Najd, as the mud-built shops of this market included many and varied types of goods and exhibits, as the market was considered the main window for shoppers in this city and its surrounding cities, villages, and residents. The desert, as it represented the largest market in the Arabian Peninsula for the sale and purchase of camels, but some historians confirm that it is the largest market for camels in the world according to the description of the orientalist (Dawty) in the year 1225 AH, and what was also mentioned by the traveler Mr. Tuchel when he said that Buraydah is the greatest market for camels in the world. This market, which was known as Al-Jarda Square, was built in an advanced period in the history of the old city, as it is located in the eastern part of it, where some of the shops of this market were based on some houses that were attached to the Buraidah wall in its eastern part, and one of the most important main gates of Buraidah was erected on this side. The world is that gate through which camel convoys coming and leaving this market from all countries and countries used to cross.