Al Rudaf Park

A civilized façade and the public Al Rudaf Park, one of the largest tourist and recreational projects in the kingdom, On the largest percentage of visitors during the summer, The park is located in the southern corner of Taif Province on Shahar Road, and enjoy on an area of 565 thousand square meters The total length of the ribs is 4250 meters, Contains 9 gardens inspired by different civilizations such as Andalusia, French, English and the desert environment, With an area of 155 thousand m2, and chapels accommodating more than 2400 people, and 9 water cycle buildings, and parking. The park includes many enjoyable sports and recreational facilities, Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, A 10-metre-wide walking track with a length of approximately 4,000 meters On his side are supporting sports devices and games, The valley of the children’s games, surrounded by wooden umbrellas for families, and a range of cafés and restaurants with outdoor views of the lake, In addition to the 13 thousand square meters interactive fountain, With a screen of 300 square meters of water spray, Turns every 5 minutes to an 80-metre-high moving fountain, In addition to the flame fountain. The park is very caring because of its great value in the memory of parents and visitors, It has an environment and human centre that educates visitors to preserve the local nature, and ways to optimize them in the production of environmentally friendly energy.