Al Samraa Amusement park

Tourist Attractions
The brown natural park located in the east of Hail on the Wadi Al-Adreea Valley is the most beautiful park and the most popular tourist destination, due to the diversity of its environment and topography, with the brown mountains that can be reached at the highest level by ordinary car via a network of paved roads. The park, which exceeds one million square meters, is distinguished by its tall views that overlook the city of Hail, with its urban sprawl from different sides, and it includes several gardens, green areas, and lush trees, with a wide lake in the middle of it, and a number of small housing units for rent Chalets) built with a design that suggests they are tents erected on a hill, and the park also includes a children’s playground created according to the latest specifications and international standards. However, the actual value of the place lies behind the prevailing belief that it was a place that Hatem Al-Ta’i was used to attract guests, especially on dark nights by setting fire to a small fortress called the burner built in the highest peaks of one of the mountains of Samara as a beacon in which guests inferred the place Karim Arabs