Al Ula Old Town

the town is one of the sites that your trip to Alula is not complete except by visiting it, Located in the heart of Al Ula, just a few kilometres from the airport and from Madaen Saleh website, which is the first Saudi website inscribed on the World Heritage List, it is a distinctive model of the old town. Dating back to the 7th century Hijri. Some of its buildings were constructed of prefabricated rocks that were brought from the ruins of the nearby Kharaiba area. This explains the existence of many inscriptions, writings and archaeological motifs on a large proportion of their stones. The old town has over a thousand houses interspersed with narrow alleys paved with stones and a roof. Each town house consists of two lower houses, a stone building dedicated to reception and storage, The upper is usually built of clay for living and sleeping. The visitor can roam the alleys of the first part which the people registry in cooperation with the general Authority for Tourism and national heritage, The emirate of the city is represented by the Governorate of Al-Ula and the municipality of Medina in the province of the governorate by renovating it beginning with the visitor center and flowing between its corridors and reading history and life through eighty seven houses and the restored Heritage Inn