Bin Zahem Palace

The palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zahem, is located next to the Al-Qasr Mosque in Al-Qasab. Its history goes back more than a hundred years, and includes what was done by King Abdulaziz and the men with him, may God bless them, and the efforts they made in order to unify this blessed country. This was restored. The palace in the year (1436 AH), in a beautiful urban style. This palace was distinguished by the splendor of its design, the height of its roof, and its columns in the middle of its inner courtyard.

The historical importance of this palace lies in the fact that it belongs to Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Wahhab bin Zahem, One of King Abdulaziz’s men who participated in the unification of Saudi Arabia starting in the year 1336 AH, where he was appointed as a judge, guide, and director of the Dahna migration.