Ged’aiah Fortress

The “Ged’aiah” Heritage Fortress in Al-Rass Governorate The total area of the castle is 6250 square m. It features a range of facilities, buildings and heritage rooms, Including the home of the grandmother, the popular market and the residential houses of heritage, In addition to the main castle where the height of men’s coffee reaches more than 10 meters, The mosque is a model of the historical mosques in Qassim.
The Citadel is one of the tourist attractions and a distinctive landmark in al-Rass with its museum, which includes many heritage pieces in its various corners. A collection of ancient weapons, copper, wood, leather and all kinds of coins, and tools that reflect the beginnings of the opening of the Najdi Society and the entry of modern industries where the castle has a number of classical cars. The castle is modern, but it is built in old style.