Heet Cave

At a 30-km distance in the outskirts of Riyadh, on the South of the road leading to Al-Kharj, lies Heet Cave, a geological landmark about which many interesting stories have been told. You are promised to see one of the most beautiful natural landmarks, which dates back to thousands of years. Many exciting stories have been told about it, most notably is that it was formed as a rocky cavity with a depth of 390 m inside a mountain after a celestial body struck the Earth. The cave is an ancient source of water and its location

is distinguished for walks and hiking. It is surrounded by majestic historical stories. The path leads you to a spring that flows throughout the year inside the cave, forming a reservoir of pure groundwater. This groundwater was an important source for the forces of the founding Al Saud in his battles dating back to more than 90 years.