Jubbah rock art

A mountain around which many stories and legends have been woven around it, a prominent landmark dating back to more than 7000 BC, is “Mount Om Senman” which is located in the city of Jubba (103 km northwest of Hail), and is located specifically to the west of the city of Jubba, in the middle of the Nafud desert. The camel with two hump and embraces the inscriptions dating back to the Stone Age, some of which are thamdic, the most famous of which is the lion figure. This mountain gained a great place from its shape and its mention, especially among the ancient and the people of the desert until our generations passed it generation after generation, and it was called “Umm Sunman” with this name in relation to its shape as it tells the elderly, as it is very similar to the camel with two hips and it is stable in the ground, and launched Some of the people of the desert have the name “Al-Fitr”, which is the big camel in life. This mountain in the time of ignorance is considered one of the best and most protected sites, as the Arabs used to resort to safety in the past,