Kaf Palace

It is one of the most important palaces in Al-Jouf and was built in a distinguished and elaborate urban style Kaf Palace و also known as Ibn Shalan Palace, is one of the most famous forts in Al-Jouf. It is located in the famous Kaf village. For a period of time, it was a military fortress protecting the trade caravans and pilgrims’ route, and later transformed into a beautiful and historic site, attracting history enthusiasts. With an area of approximately 2,700 square meters and a distinctive Islamic architectural style, Kaf Palace will amaze you with its unique design, featuring an ancient stone mosque at its center. Located near one of the magnificent old villages in Al-Jouf, the mud houses add charm and a cultural heritage that tells the rich history of the region. Al-Jouf was an important stop on the trade route between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.