Madina Showroom Maser Al Eman

The exhibition deals with Medina old and new from different aspects of life, Through paintings, models, Modern images and techniques that tell the Islamic history and its features throughout the eras and eras and contribute to educating visitors with good information about Medina from the aspects of prestige, Virtues and manners are known as the prophetic biography and is simulated with his maps and models the movements of the Prophet-peace be upon him-in his invitation, His hand and his war through Islamic history through the display of distinctive and brilliant official, written and illuminated paintings and panels, Make you live with the folds of stories he tells, and scouring the history, present and future of Medina in one place and have been chosen the name of the masers of faith, Because it is one of the names of Medina It came to affirm its historical and Islamic position.