Mugha’ir Shu’ayb – Madyan

The importance of the place where Moses lived before his prophethood and sent him to “Pharaoh” lies in the fact that he bears the name “Shuaib”, the Prophet of God whose brother-in-law was our master Moses, upon him and our Prophet, the best of peace and blessings. The sculpted mountains stand as witness to Khaleda’s story, details of which occurred in Al-Bada Governorate (225 km northwest of Tabuk), as it is one of the richest historical sites near the Red Sea.
And “Shuaib Caves” lived in which the Prophet of God and his words “Moses” lived for about a decade, after he had married him another prophet, “Shuaib”, and he spent his dowry marriage to his daughter before returning to Egypt to invite Pharaoh and his people.