Shamasan Fort

Shamasan Fort is located in the city of Abha at the base of a medium-height mountain with a length of 90 meters and a width of 50 meters. The castle contains three defensive towers in only three corners, while the usual number of towers is four in each corner and notes that each tower differs from the other towers in terms of architectural form and it is interesting that the style of construction is constructed with stone slabs that still exist until now, while the pickups are a group of stone tools and platens of different sizes and shapes characterized by mastery of their industry and history, which dates back to the third millennium BC. Most of the roofs of the castle fell as a result of the action of some people when they removed the veins of trees surrounding the roofs, They roof their houses with these trees, Only one of the castle chambers was spared, The roofing of the castle was characterized by the trunks of juniper trees scattered in the western forests of the Asir Sarat Mountains, which is 7 meters long