Tayebat Museum

Many buildings have a mosque, a house for the Saudi heritage, a house for Islamic heritage, a World Heritage house and an exhibition of the general heritage. Shaykh ‘ Abd al-Raouf Hassan Khalil was born in 1937 in Jeddah and was the head of civil aviation with her and was interested in history and the civilizations of many nations and was a historical heritage reference where he A lover of Islamic heritage, especially the architectural and cultural works that exist in Egypt, especially in Al-Azhar and Al-Hussein, and the revival of Old Cairo, and after the kaza of Sheikh Raouf 45 years to collect collectibles, he started building the museums of Sheikh Abdul Raouf Khalil as the city of Taybeh for science and knowledge, which consists of 12 buildings equipped Laboratories and display rooms The city occupies 10 thousand square meters, including 2,000 meters dedicated to information in illustrations, 500 computer programs and halls for the display of the masterpieces of Islamic civilisations, of which there are a hall of Information center and a hall for the history of King Abdulaziz and Hall for the Saudi folk heritage It has a national culture, a jewellery room, a metal and inks hall, a hall of international fine Arts schools and various halls for art types.