The Palace of clefts”Al-Mashqouq”

The Palace of “clefts” is located in Kasiba Town, north of Qassim region, The establishment of the palace dates back to 1250 H (1834 AD), The palace is surrounded by orchards of palms and the number of palms reached at one stage to 2000 palms, The palace has four councils, These are: “Coffee Snout”, It is located outside the fence of Aber al-Seyah and the “Coffee Chef” which is the main coffee of the palace, The third is the “Coffee of the Elders” in the upper part of the palace, eight metres long and four metres wide, The fourth Council in the palace is “women’s Coffee”, It is a council within the palace for the reception of female guests of the palace.
The contents and supplements of the Palace are also an inner mosque, and a number of warehouses including three stores to store dates, and two grains, and storing dried meat, In addition to fifteen “characteristics”-any bedroom-distributed in the ground and upper floors, In addition to kitchens, A grain grinding chamber contains four pieces of grinding mill.