Uqdah Village

A historical tourist and agricultural village located west of the Hail region in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the region. A mountain village node deep in Mount Aja, It is connected to the city of Hail through a passage split between the mountains called (Al-Nasheeb). It includes a valley called (Wadi Uqdah) with traces of a historical fort. The village is also considered a hail food basket for the diversity of its agricultural crops, the village includes Wadi Okda, One of the most important valleys of the Aja Mountains. The valley extends from Jabal Al-Samra to the east until it reaches a node in the west, Then it branches into smaller valleys to the north and south, the village was surrounded in the past by a stone wall, It was then demolished and replaced by three dams to preserve seasonal rainwater. It now contains farms and mud buildings along with modern structures.