Mountains of oppression

It is a group of mountains located in Al-Reith Governorate. Northeastern Jazan region in […]

Al-Qassar Village

Al-Qassar Heritage Village, known simply as Al-Qassar, is an ancient village located on Farasan […]

Wadi Lajab valley

Wadi Lajab is a crack and fracture in the eastern part of Jabal al-Qahr […]

Luqman Castle

Luqman Castle, or Mount Luqman, as it is called by the people of Farasan […]

Farasan Island

Farasan Island in Jizan Farasan Islands is a group of islands located on the […]

Fifa Mountains

The height of the mountains of Fifa is above the surface of the sea, […]

Adosareyah Castle

Adosareyah Castle is an ancient castle that sits on a mountain in the center […]

Northern Corniche in Jazan

The Northern Corniche in Jazan is one of the most famous tourist attractions in […]

Jazan Heritage Village

In Jizan, the heritage village in the southern Jazan Corniche stands out as a […]

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