Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque

Many mosques carry the name of the noble companion Omar ibn Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, but his mosque in Dumat Al-Jandal next to Marid Castle in Al-Jouf is one of the most important historical mosques in the kingdom. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the Islamic era, but it is built on archaeological layers and architectural foundations that date back to the mid-first millennium BC. Historians confirm that the minaret of Omar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is the first minaret in Islam, reaching a height of 13 meters. It narrows inward as it rises, ending in a pyramid-like peak. The mosque and minaret were built using carved stone, as in the buildings of Marid Castle. The minaret consists of four floors, but some parts of the staircase leading to the top collapsed, making it impossible to climb the minaret now. Despite restoration projects, the minaret has maintained its original shape since the beginning of the Islamic era.